the space between breaths

by titlewillcome

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music is medicine. soothing rawness forms an ethereal display for thoughtful and fragile lyrics. sound born from restlessness. voice from silence. broken strings. frozen streams. sound that melts.

These sounds first took shape at a small Buddhist Monastery in California, in 2006. Sitting by a stream, watching water move, watching water bugs dance. It was there that a first song was born, and through a web of well timed events, that song would eventually lead to this album.

The songs on this album are inspired by three themes. First and foremost, there is breath. The action that connects us to the world, to our bodies, to our passions and to our lives.

Secondly, there is the dream, the soft, surreal and subtle experience that stirs our reality and shapes our inner landscape.

Lastly, there is water, which can take the shape of a cleansing, pure stream, or can move like the ocean, carving cliffs into the shore and leaving deep scars. These are songs of healing. They are songs of love, of loss, of restlessness, of beauty, of hope....

Laura Scher, the voice and sound behind titlewillcome, has been performing across the country since 2007. She has been based in California, Portland, Oregon, and recently, Cambridge, MA.

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released June 7, 2012



all rights reserved


titlewillcome Portland, Oregon

music is medicine. soothing rawness forms an ethereal display for thoughtful and fragile lyrics. sound born from restlessness. voice from silence, broken strings, frozen streams, sound that melts.

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Track Name: sing me to sleep
sing me to sleep as i lay myself down
maybe i met you in dreams but i know myself now
i'll keep it quiet, now that i found it

expose my skin i could melt in your sun
lay in wet grass i could sink into mud
sing me to sleep with the passion that fell
from my lips to your teeth and my nose to your smell
i search for you when you never exist
now i see through it's my own heart i missed

you pass through me like rain
left me blooming
with taste i could never know
don't color it
let it glow
you brought to me a pain
that kept me moving
what could feed a soul could clean a body
if i comfort you would you comfort me?
Track Name: shake
Shake me from my tired breath and wake me from my sleep
take me from my tangled bed uncover me from sheets
i read the words they never said, with them i felt so weak
i ran away from there... but couldn't speak (x2)

pull me from the crowded place i watched my friends all grieve
tell me all is love in death then cover her in leaves
though I'll never understand, the depth of her disease
i can lie right here, and try to breath (x2)

found the voice I lost for years while sitting by a stream
when a melody rolled rough and rare I felt it shaking me
and I don't know where it came from or what it means
but my throat has cleared, and I can breathe (x2)

let the sun paint my skin and dry my hair, I'm bound to carry on
oh I'm bound to find a river where, my thirst can grow this calm
can't remember what I lost back there....
I left it in a song...

with my voice this clear, I'll learn to breathe
keep my voice this clear, so i can breathe
and my eyes so wide.... so i can see
what was locked inside.... and set it free.....
I'll set it free....

no matter who dug this hole I could fill it up
the glass is still half full through we spilt the cup
now I'll climb up the mountain with sturdy steps
making use of unsteady steps that are left
face all the daggers unguarded heart
survive any blow just by staying soft
grant me the vision to see much further
than the walls that my mind has built
lend me your voice we can sing much louder
maybe dance as the melody spills
move through the story, maybe pain, maybe glory
recognize all the music we filled
just grant me the vision.....
Track Name: soft enough
breathe through your fingers
cause I need to feel touched
i've the weight of a singer
and the heart of a lush
who stands in these doorways?
to make mice of my men
with a thousand different stories
of the places we have been
and love that only whispers
when you're dying to hear
what makes us touch, what makes us shiver
makes us love, the things we fear

can you hold
me with open hands
though I'm soft enough
to slip right through?

if you see
me for who I am
I'll open up
and I'll see you

breathe into spaces
where the touch still runs rare
i owe myself the softest graces
pray that touch might reappear
won't settle for shyness
as if touch never cared
it might be lost but it will find us
if we call, then it will hear

and leave....
all the empty arms
we never felt
and never knew
if we breathe....
into deeper songs
we will be held
by touch that's new

if we breathe
into deeper songs
we will be held
by touch that's new
Track Name: stones that breathe
the river is gold for you (x2)

I've got a bottle and a pen a notebook to write in
words that only flow where melody begins
and love stories, they end

with the music in the breeze you sat next to me
and said my life is a story and the story's incomplete
documents and poetry....

listen to the wind cause when it blows you'll know
all the places you've been, they're calling you home
the mountain is your lover and the river is gold

scribble on the pages, write a new chapter
if a page is missing, it doesn't matter
cause once a story's finished, a new one comes after

well i left my story like a stone in the sea
i left it only to go chasing the trees
and i left my family waiting for me

and i paint a picture because i'm dying to see
and it might take forever but I paint patiently
until it blends together
and underneath...

the camera clicks and the earth is paused
between stones and sticks and moss and fog
when it moved long ago
long ago

a canvas holds my unfinished picture
when i know the road and i know the river
from so long ago
long ago

i swam it long ago, long ago

but you turn to me and you say the river
carries stones that breathe and stones that shiver
it's the same as we, used to

but i climb so high till I could barely see
whats written in the sky and in between
but it was white and wild and it was new

if you take my hand i will take my chances
in the frozen land with broken branches
from so long ago
long ago

with each breath i take i am less removed
as life reveals a taste of a life renewed
i lived it long ago
long ago

so, listen to the wind....
Track Name: icaro
gaze is spread across the ceiling
you know how i'm dealing ask me how i'm feeling
tell me that i'm healing
i'll be just fine

doctors quote a couple more years
i am numb to all fears i have conquered all tears
i pretend I don't hear....
a thing.

find a sage that speaks no English
tell me where all my pain lives
tell me not to miss a thing
for I belong to earth it seems....

speak no names ask me to stay
to drink the bitter herbs you make
and visions clear will soon appear
to tell me things I couldn't hear

do do do, do do do do, do do do do do do (x2)

lost my way inside a jungle
let my balance crumble
felt my body stumbe
never felt so humble
as that day

woke with numbness so electric
feeling unprotected
and overly reflective
but god is not selective
they say

and if i had just one more day
left with you on earth to stay
would i do with all that time
the things that i did yesterday?

i've seen the world with new born eyes
imperfect and impermanent
so i can see through it's disguise
it's motion gave me life

I'll try to see through it's disguise, it's motion gave me life

do do do, do do do do, do do do do do do (x2)
Track Name: first love song
everyone needs a first love song
i guess this is mine (x3)
easy and sweet goes the love song
without even trying (x3)
everyone needs a first love song
i'm ready for mine (x3)
come and be part of a love song
you can stay for a while (x3)

there have been songs before
that made me blush
and left me sore
but that's not this tune (x2)

this one is lighter now
that i've been lifted off the ground
since I met you (x2)

[repeat all]

and it's almost
like i've known you
all along
it's like i wrote part of you
in each song
and i wonder if
i've known you for that long
cause when I saw you
i knew
where i belong...

everyone needs a first love song
well this could be ours (x3)
and if we get bored of our love song
we can write a new part (x3)
everyone needs a first love song
i'm ready for mine (x3)
come and be part of my love song
you can stay for a while
i'll let you stay for a while
i'll let you stay for a while
Track Name: 1.30.08
Well I can't take anymore advice
or be a stranger in some foolish paradise
where work is taking all my days
never cared much for promotions or a payraise

I can't see what it's all about
could never sell my soul for diamonds or a pretty house
I tried my best but that life just wasn't for me
so I'll leave this place and I'll find my way to the sea
to the carribean

The blood in our veins will either feed us or wear us down
just like the dreams in our hearts that are dying to get out
just bask in the beauty because we don't know what is left
though I've read in some books we are reborn with every breath

well I have given up on time
spent too much of my life living details in rewind
i'm going to see just how long life can last
stay away from the future
and stay further from the past

from the teachers who told us what to think
or the preachers who told us what to sing
or the brothers who always said kids just shut your mouth
or the lovers who always said thank you now get out

when I am worth a bit more than that
though it took a bit of darkness to get me to where I'm at
I'm going to see just how good life can be
go where the air is clear
I heard the people there
say that love
is free
Track Name: song for a boy i used to know
sing you a song before I go
it's just a poem that I used to know
we had it strong, regrets were gone
we were addicted to each other's arms
I never felt, all boundaries melt
the way they crumbled with all of your charm
and I don't know where that could go
but it was over before it begun

And I could wait all through my holiday....
Yeah, I could circle the globe only to anticipate....

your girl's real cute, this guy's real cool
but I can't stop comparing him to you
your perfect flaws, and how time stopped
love was effortless when it was with you

I never meant, I never meant to take...
any freedom from you and you know that I could never hate...

But this old gift, it's not for you
it's just for someone else I thought I knew
He was brave, and unashamed
he was reliable and never cruel.
He made me laugh all night till I was sleeping...

please take it back...
and let him know I couldn't keep it.
Track Name: song for spring
Oh, catch me gently, cause I'm falling from a cloud.
Ground, lay so heavy, lay your grass and I'll lay down.
Taken by blindness, to the forest for rebirth...
Speaking a language, that I never even heard...

Snow, snow is melting and it's feeding frozen ground
Trees that were weeping are turning green and turning proud
Oh, am I dreaming?
Could a dream be all I've seen?
I'll find the meaning...
Even if it's all a dream.

Heart, Heart is beating. Feel a pulse, a life, in me.
Proof, in my arms legs in my hands and grass stained feet.
Feet, that keep running, to the forest, to my home.
Strength, that I've hidden, beyond muscle, beyond bone.

Oh what a story, what a life that I have known.
I owe my body to the earth and to the stone.
Tears that I've stolen from the river make me whole
Born from what's frozen, used to melt the winter snow.

Words, I don't own them
I just let them move through me.
I give my language...
give my breath...
give my body....

Moon, you're so yellow, were you expecting to be grey?
Golden and mellow, I know why you hide from day...

Oh, I am falling. Like a snowflake from a cloud.
Soft, and silent calling.
Just to kiss the dirty ground.
Oh, I am falling.
Track Name: sweep
We're standing so close to the edge looking off
cause we've seen how they fell.
Still holding so close to the ones we have lost,
who won't know how that felt.
With rivers this wide,
we can't fall, we must dive
we can prove that they're deep.
And oceans this green must hold salt remedies
clean our wounds, in the sea.

So sweep over me baby, I've waited for you
when others promised to save me, you told the whole truth.
We both know that nothing's forever,
when it dies, let it rest.
For now we'll bring our voices together,
and try to breath through the rest.

The story betrayed me not so long ago,
while I was out facing these places alone.
I gave myself time to let nightmares unwind,
when they settled a bit I moved home.
To a wedding of friends, I brought childhood things,
wrapped in silver and gold.
Looked into their eyes and say love undisguised,
so much love I've not known.

Sweep over me baby, I've waited for this
and I don't care where you take me,
I surrender to this.
So baby take over me, just take over me,
while we still exist.

It's true that I've wandered the world on my own
(that I've walked on fire and slept on cold stone)

But tell me the story you told long ago
(my flowering forest, your watery soul)

And if you grow tired and you want a home
(i could be a wife, and a garden I'd grow)

But loving requires letting go of fear
if you love it enough....
let it fly far from here.
Track Name: dissolving into water
Well here
let's get clear
no need to sweat
no need to fear
cause you know
it's just a show
just some story
to be told

And you say
"leave today
write a song
then run away
from the bitter
city snow
and the hands that
keep you cold.
from the frozen
poison air,
and all the love you
thought was here."

Well if
this last kiss
could cease to linger
upon my lips
if your taste
could simple fade
then I'd be free
and I'd be safe.
If the vines,
could grow this tall,
climb up my tower
or break my fall.

Your life is all experience
curious experiments
dissolving into water
you'll wash nice and clean

I offer you reflection
and bathe you in affection
then leave you in the soil
to grow nice and green.
Track Name: east meets west
Let all tears that were wept and all doubt and regret
let them melt clean with the snow
along with faces I met and the places we slept
well, I left those long ago.

These memories they smell of seasonal sweat
tightened lungs that make me old.
I dare not repeat, what I left at your feet,
it's just some note I once wrote. (da da da de....)

Half a decade ago, I got lost in the cold
started running to stay warm
The western sun rolls through my veins and my soul
I keep running trying to get home

A weeks drive away left my heart by the bay
left it beating on a stone.
The seagulls they came, came to lift it away
all that's left now is the stain... (da da da de....)

Take the note that I wrote with a cheap pen of gold
and go tie it to our tree...
My words will be bound by the bark and the sound
and be lifted by the breeze....

I may not return to the place where I learned
how I wanted life to be....
But before I leave town, dig my feet into ground
try to stop this

(da da da de...)