weightless EP

by titlewillcome

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released April 28, 2014



all rights reserved


titlewillcome Portland, Oregon

music is medicine. soothing rawness forms an ethereal display for thoughtful and fragile lyrics. sound born from restlessness. voice from silence, broken strings, frozen streams, sound that melts.

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Track Name: weightless
how can you speak to me? well darling, hush now. I overheard.
It carried weightlessly. But there is weight now, with every word.
It's like we held on as tightly as the day that we were born.
At least we held on for as long as it was true.
And i chose the softest lips to kiss,
I let a piece of me get missed and lost in you.
With every breath that got away I lost myself in yesterday
to breathe through you.

So i sing quietly
I sing forgiveness, like it's what I do.
My voice is like the sea.
Some salty water, got spilt on you.
Well I just came from the coastline where the ocean knows my name
you know that water can't be tamed, when it's that blue.
And i cast my gifts from the same sea
that kept me trembling
i paid my dues.
I know that rhythm can be taught
I choose the keep the beat I've got
uneven tunes.
Track Name: make me a mountain
He was young but he was strong enough,
he was strong enough to call to me
"Help me melt, I've gotta find my blood,
I've gotta find my eyes, I've gotta see."
Moon it shines and shakes and fades on us,
the meadow sings to us beneath the trees.
Water washes all the dirt from us,
the river takes to us and we believe.

In the darkness there is only light,
yeah there is gold, yellow and green...
Tell me stranger, were you born to fly
or were you born to make believe?
I will be there when the rhythm is right...
sing the sweet song you sang to me.
You keep saying that you're more than alive,
well I keep saying that I'm free.

Held so tight, we're trapped inside a breath,
we are nothing yet, besides a dream.
Let it melt and feed the fire red,
yeah we are just a possibility.
If you wake at night and I am gone,
I never last that long when I can't sleep.
Turn the story into one more song,
I used your love for my own melody...

You speak to me in that poetry, you know the words that cast a spell.
I was thinking it was time to leave, but you wear your words so well.
Leave behind, keep abandoning, the story we tried to tell.
Climb so high, we could barely breathe, we climbed and then we fell.

You said, "Make me a mountain, or a child forever.
Make me a lover... make me in love.
Make me a giver, a martyr a saint.
make me an instrument, I want to play.
Make me a painter, quiet and aged,
painting my days away."

We wrote this together, when we knew our love.
And we grew our feathers, and that was enough.
We came from silence to the beautiful noise...
heads pressing like violins, not knowing the chords.
Till we got caught naked in the wonderful sound,
Well, go on and take it, I let me hair down.
If we were hungry, maybe that was enough,
to stumble on nothing and turn it to love.
If we were dreaming than it's nobody's fault.
Love is like breathing, we needed to fall.
Track Name: you wrote so well
You wrote so well to me, the words they fell easy
so I rolled through your slipping hand
with ink that wouldn't dry, a death that felt alive
"I'm here so you can deepen".

You wrote so well to me, I drank the words thirsty
I drank from the drying well
and when the well emptied, I left the best of me
left it there, but you couldn't tell.

When that light shined on you from way across the room
you just climbed to the window sill...
To meet the heavy moon, but it got dark too soon,
It got hard when the night got still.
You know that morning dew will always wake with you
when you're dry and your body aches
I got away too soon, I got away too soon
but I'm fine and I rest my case.

You wrote so well to me...